Did you know: A dissatisfied customer will tell between 6-9 people of their experience?

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. 55% of clients would pay for a better customer experience. You have 70% probability to sell to an existing client and a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your business profit by 75%? This is exactly why customer care is so important. It is actually the backbone behind your business, like the spine in your back!

Customer care is the method by which you adequately take care of your clients needs through the provision of professional, helpful and high quality service and assistance before, during and after the customer’s requirements are met- it’s as simple as that!

Now, here are a few relevant tips you will need in customer care;

Be aware of your business processes

You can definitely not do customer care if you are not sure what your business entails. With knowledge of your business processes, you will be able to access exactly what your client needs are.

Keep in touch with your clients

You cannot care for someone you are not connected in one way or another to. You need a stable relationship with your clients. Keeping in touch with them frequently can be done through phone calls, emails, chats on social media platforms and personal visitation can greatly help boost client confidence and trust in you!

Be smart and confident

You sometimes have to be smart with your clients in assessing their specific needs or requirements and adequately meeting them. Be confident that you will be able to meet each and every need of your client!

Timeliness counts

Your prompt dealings with your clients would create an atmosphere of responsibility and a special connection between you and your clients.

Build attitude and trust

Usually when something goes wrong between you and your client, you need to build an attitude which will bring them at ease rather than increasing tension. Let your clients feel you understand them at all times and you are always available to listen and solve their needs.

Yes indeed, customer care matters to each and every individual or department within an organization being it large or small. Why should customer care be so important?

  • Builds trust
  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Contributes to more revenue
  • Reduces problems
  • Appeals to new clients

Customer care is not just any area that can be overlooked, no matter the quality of your services or products. By improving your customer care skills, you will find your business on its way to the top!

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